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Welcome to the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP Forum) website. Where safety is at the heart of procurement.

Since its launch in 2009, SSIP activity has increasingly been able to cut pre-qualification costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain. With the ever-present prospect of government legislation to reduce wasteful and excessive pre-qualification, SSIP is concentrating on making cross-recognition of member schemes as effective as possible, and on highlighting the resulting savings to the supply chain. We are pleased to report that assessment by a member of SSIP has been specifically highlighted as a key route to health and safety pre-qualification in the 2013 edition of the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document PAS 91.

Ultimately, the success of cross-recognition will depend on the understanding and behaviour of clients, main contractors and other buyers. By making information about a supplier's SSIP certification available to buyers, we are further challenging requirements for suppliers to subscribe to multiple competence schemes, and further supporting SSIP's core philosophy of enabling cross-recognition between existing pre-qualification schemes. We are keen to work with any buyer who would like to know more about the benefits of recognising suppliers who are already assessed by SSIP members.

On this site, you will also find an SSIP comments form. You are encouraged to tell us about your experience of cross-recognition, and associated issues, as supported by SSIP. SSIP member schemes have fully committed to the vision of driving unnecessary cost and confusion out of health and safety pre-qualification. Your factual comments on how we are doing are a vital contribution to our continual improvement.

John Kinge
Chairman - Safety Schemes In Procurement

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